Why organic
Natural Healthy Food is Medicine

agricultural products that has been through a safe agricultural production process , without chemical that danger for humans , animal , environment and also nurture process , farming have to take care very carefully . Before we start planting we prepare the soil with natural methods. The seeds that we select must be clean , safe , delicious and get complete nutrition. From the beginning to the end of the process must be standardized according to international standards and get full benefits No chemicals are used to kill weeds. Milling process will only be performed upon customers' requested order. We do not stock milled rice; thus, there is no need to use any moth preventing substances, return the ecosystem to the rice fields , income distribution , Promoting and Developing farmer to improve the lives of Thai farmers .
 Reduce disease
The main reason why you should eat organic rice is for your health. Nowadays our health problems are getting worse day by day because we consume chemical everyday without our intention or we don't know the food that we take also have chemical in our food . If you change to eat organic rice it can make your life longer healthy and have a good shape. Vegetable and fruit don't use chemical have more nutrients. Organic food is make your life longer 25 days for male , 17 days for female . Select the good rice is not only for internal benefit but it also change your external because select good rice can make healthy skin.
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