For more than four years from 2018 until now, Our team has been on the field for meeting, discussing, and researching the problem of farmers who plant organic plants. We acknowledged and learn many ways how to solve the problem in the future. Which need to be co-operation from every sector to make business more secure coupled with happiness of farmers.
Organic farming is a “survival way” not an alternative for Thai farmers, because the organic farm is low cost but have more productivity and good price,
in which it can create negotiating power to the market price for farmers and promote good health for people.
“ We believe, farmers will be live by themselves with stable income ”


Organic farming for sustainability, the good health of consumers and the economic foundations of farmers, which promotes healthy life in a sustainable way.

From " Thung Kula Ronghai" for your good life. "Siwirise"

We believe that good health is the beginning of happiness. We want to deliver happiness for you through our organic Jasmine rice that is free from chemical harms, while giving  smooth texture, as well as delicious tastes and promote good health through close supervision and grow on the best place and most suitable at Thung Kula Ronghai, with certification of Geographical Indications that real organic jasmine rice of Siwirise from Thung Kula Ronghai.

Four year that we spend time for prepare the soil to be full in natural nutrients from the seeds , sowing , farming , harvesting , baking rice , rice milling until delivered to your hand with meticulousness therefore we get standard of international organic certificate such as USDA , EU and another reward that guarantee we are professional you can trust this is organic jasmine rice 100% " Siwirse" is safe and Free from chemicals.
Why us
The intention of forming a group to develop the local community to increase the potential of organic crop production and create the jobs in community ready to grow up with farmer in a sustainable way
We are committed and want to help Thai farmers to promote and develop the community so that we can grow together and for Thai people and foreigner  consumed clean organic rice, safe, quality and environmentally friendly , Free from chemical  for society.
 Supporting and Development
help in promoting and develop organic agricultural , free from chemical also include researching and develop agricultural product to be clean food products without chemical and environmentally friendly for society
Giving back to Nature
Organic rice production is an agricultural production system focusing on nature as importantly such as conservation of natural , regeneration the abundance of nature , balance of nature and taking advantage of nature for sustainable production
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