Organic Trio Cargo rice


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Organic Trio Cargo Rice

Organic Trio Cargo rice is mixing 3 varieties of good quality brown rice, value from Organic brown jasmine rice , Organic Red Fragrant jasmine rice and rice berry. They combine together perfectly to make the rice soft and have light purple color and make new taste for those who love to eat brown rice , full vitamin , Antioxidant and full nutritional value that is beneficial to the health of you and the whole family.

  Size : 1, 2, 5 Kilograms

How to cook SIWIRISE
1. Put the rice into the Rice Cooker and add 2 cups of water. (The suggested ratio of rice and water is 1:1.5)
2. Close the lid and leave it to cook for 15-20 minutes
3. When the rice is cooked, allow the rice to rest for 15 minutes
4. Now you can enjoy Siwirise Organic Trio Cargo rice

  100 grams of Organic Trio Cargo rice provides about 358 kcal of energy (raw rice).

Benefit of Organic Trio Cargo rice
• Beta-carotene nourishing the eyes
• Vitamin E is antioxidant
• Niacin help the skin healthy and nerve
• Copper create blood cell and hemoglobin
• VitaminB1 helps in the function of the nervous system
• phosphorus for strengthen bones and tooth
• High fiber helps to excrete well and prevent Colorectal cancer
• Reduce the risk of cerebrovascular disease and heart disease

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